Okay, so we're a little obsessed.

There was a time when a cup of coffee was expected to taste like burnt, bitter, brown water. No thought was put into the brewing of coffee. No acknowledgment of the region where the beans were grown, or to the farmers that raised the crop. A bean was a bean and cup of joe was pretty rancid.

At Living Room Coffee Craft, we approach the art of brewing coffee as a pursuit of perfection. Every drink is made by hand starting with the highest quality coffee beans. Our coffee is sourced from single origins around the world and freshly roasted. The water is purified and kept at exact temperature for the ideal extraction of flavors from the coffee. Everything is weighed and timed using digital instruments. We realize that this level of attention to detail is just not normal, but we can’t help ourselves. We put the O-C-D in the C-U-P and let the coffee do its thing.

Our obsession extends well beyond our coffee. We also make our syrups by hand each day, including our mocha, made from 100% cocoa rouge. We use local organic dairy products. We serve in glass and ceramic whenever possible. And when disposable containers are required, we use eco-friendly products. We are committed to social impact and sustainability.

We put the O-C-D in the C-U-P and let the coffee do its thing.

~ Drink Menu ~

Dune Coffee Roasters from Santa Barbara & Organic Strauss Dairy from Petaluma


Brewed Coffee

Quick Pour – House Blend
Slow Pour  РSingle-Origin
Cold Brew

Espresso Drinks

Flat White

Dark Chocolate Mocha
Vanilla Bean Latte
Cardamom Vanilla Latte
Jasmine Dragon Latte
Surprise Me

Seasonal Drinks

Seasonal Espresso Tonic

And More

Loose Leaf Tea
Honey Lemon Black Tea
Matcha Latte
Chai Latte
Hot Chocolate
Seasonal Spritzers


Non-Dairy: Almond, Oat, Soy Milk
Housemade Syrups:
Chocolate, Honey, Vanilla Bean