The Yearning

Sometimes our dreams and desires seem perfectly crazy until we meet someone else who has also been touched by the same inspirations. Suddenly, we don’t feel so alone. Our grail seems within reach. And so it was with Living Room Coffee Craft, materialized from a crazy dream shared by a small team of foodies and coffee purists who sought to build something special. A unique coffee house committed to quality, sustainability, and social impact. A place that feels like home with superb coffee and delicious pastries. A place to relax, recharge, and reconnect with others. A place that simply invites you to stay awhile.

Interior Design – Mary Merrill
Remodel – Kuehne Construction

Our Mission

Our goal is to have a place where the community can come together. A room where we can talk and relax, play and create, learn and grow. We wanted this room to feel like home, comfortable and cozy, with amazing drinks and housemade goodies. A room for living, where we can serve with love, generosity and hospitality.

Our room is your room. We created a spacious room, but a room is just one part of a home. Our home is our community and we are commited to supporting it through service and contributions to local charities. A portion of our proceeds will be donated to local organizations who are dedictated to the betterment of our community. To help us achieve this goal, we decided to operate as a non-profit business. We pay California sales and use taxes, but as a non-profit we can offset operational costs and turn that savings into meaningful impact for the community.

Our home is our community and we are commited to supporting it through service and contributions to local charities.

A Room for Living

As soon as you step inside Living Room Coffee Craft, you get the sense that this is not your typical coffee house. The spacious interior is bright, with natural light illuminating the modern and cozy interior. The seating is plentiful with large family tables, couches, lounge chairs, outside patio, bar seating, and even an intimate setting by the fireplace that feels just like home.

The staff is friendly and accommodating; you don’t feel rushed here. It’s an ideal place to get some “me time” or to meet with friends to share homemade pastries and hand-crafted coffee drinks. You can get some work done here on the free wifi, or get creative in a sketchbook. You can play board games, or read a good book. Catch up with an old buddy or meet new friends.

Modern and rustic, spacious and cozy. Not an easy thing to pull off, but they did.

The Team

Janet Tang, Pastry Chef

Janet is an artist in the kitchen, creating delicious pastries that she hopes will not only satisfy you, but move you emotionally. She believes that food should nurture your soul. It's no wonder that Janet puts so much love into her creations.

Meet Janet