It is not one isolated event. It is just not just one person, not one community, not one city, not one state, not one country, but the ENTIRE world is speaking up. The world is stepping up.

And so will we, the team at Living Room Coffee Craft.

We have come to learn of business practices of our partners at Counter Culture Coffee have turned “a blind eye to racism, to sexism, to harm.” And while the story originates in Philadelphia, we believe that is not an excuse to excuse the silence and ignorance of any act of prejudice in the workplace. Please read more about this story on Sprudge’s website (link below).

Living Room Coffee Craft believes that racism, sexism, and inequality have absolutely no place in our society. They have no place in our community and in our shop. We have begun vetting all our vendors, new and old, to ensure we do not financially support organizations that allow such actions that serve to treat anyone unjustly, unfairly, and unequally. Our commitment to quality does not only apply to our ingredients, our preparation, and our service, but also to our partnerships as we will hold them accountable for actions. Above all, our commitment is to you, our community, and to promote a safe and inviting space for everyone, regardless of your background, back story, and beliefs.

As such, we will be moving on from our partnership with Counter Culture Coffee.  The world will be watching and hoping that Counter Culture Coffee will take real action to make real change within their organization. For us, we are now on the hunt for a partner in coffee roasting (and maybe, just maybe, a list of multiple partners from around the country for a constant rotation new and exciting coffees).

Our samples from new roasters have begun coming in! It’s tasting time.

Original story by Jordan Michelman: