Concept Rendering by Pat Sunseri

Three-quarters through our first year, and it’s been a blast!  It was only a little over a year ago when we first broke ground at Koinonia Koffeehouse and began the transformation into what you know now as Living Room Coffee Craft.  The faces you see every day, Janet and Michael, have put their hearts into their craft and accomplished the impossible, creating a true place for people to come and stay awhile.

And they did not do it alone.  They could not have done it alone.  The people at Home Church graciously open their doors and invited the pastry chef and the director of coffee into their space to create something truly extraordinary.  Pastor Hector and his wife Chrissie visit the shop every day and, without fail, order two quad-shot americanos, no room, hot, to-go.  They sought for the church’s approval, which jumpstarted the whole journey.  Dean and Libby, the couple who began the whole vision, committed hours of volunteer work to get the store up and running.   Pat painted the picture to capture the physical vision.  Ben and his team turned a 20-plus-year-old space to the modern look it has now.  Mary gave it life with her amazing interior decorating skills.  Mike, the jack-of-all-trades facilities manager, ensures that nothing ever goes broken without a fix.

And our team is growing.  Ching, Qian, Sarah, Carlos, and Ashlee are all more than happy to see you each and every single day.  More than that, they all want to ensure you enjoy your drink, your pastry, and, most importantly, your stay.  If there is ever anything wrong, please let us know.  We will do our best to correct the error.

All this is to say, the team that helped open this shop was incredible and irreplaceable.  The team that runs the store is amazing and out-of-this-world talented in so many ways.  Did you know Carlos is the drummer of the up-and-coming band, Ruby Jean?  Ching is a volleyball coach.  Qian is an amazing professional photographer.  Ashlee has wonderful graphic design skills.  Sarah is an amazing musician in her own right. And we all endeavor to serve the best drinks and pastries possible.

We’re just getting started.  We could not have started without the team and all its contributors.  We would not still be here if it was not for you, community.  So, THANK YOU.  You are our biggest cheerleader.  We will continue to open our doors for you as you continue to visit and stay awhile.

You cheer for us.  We cheer for you (with coffee and a oh-so-delicious brown butter cake).